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Henkel Experience

01.1996 - 03.2004
Turk Henkel - Cognis AS, Istanbul, Sales & Marketing Director – Care Chemicals SBU

Reported to the SBU Manager, Care Chemicals (Cosmetic and Detergent Industries) and as matrix Sales Director South Europe for all sales and marketing activities for 20 countries of Middle East and Turkic Republics plus Turkiye. Managed all range of technical services through markets; planning and forecasting; sales and marketing strategies and campaigns; target market selection; sales channel creation as well as new dealer creation and agreements. Managed a 10-person team, with 5 person as matrix.

Main achievements
Succesfully took over the reginal business of Care Chemicals in 20 countries of Middle East and Turkic Republics from Henkel-Cognis Germany to Turk Henkel-Cognis Kimya. Raised over 20 million EURO annual sales turnover from 3 in 5 years.

Managed a customer portfolio consisting of around 500 existing one with local and international dealer and distributors.

Participated international meeting and workshop of the company to transfer and discuss information inter-markets. 

Created several long term contracts with national and international clients. 

Participated and chaired basic company projects, as re-engineering, ISO and self managing teams, SAP and company web site design for e-commerce.

01.1987 - 12.1995
Turk Henkel AS, Istanbul, Sales & Marketing Director – Surface Technologies SBU

Reported to the SBU Manager, Surface Technologies (Metal industry)

Managed all range of technical services through the sectors of Automotive Suppliers, Aluminium, Steel and Water Treatment industries, sales and marketing strategies and campaigns, planning and forecasting, sales channel management in Turkish market.

Created a revolutionary, milestone special long term contracts namely "Chemical System Management" first time in Turkiye for national and multinational clients like Nacanco, Çelik Halat, Carnaud Metal Box etc.

Managed the establisment of water treatment business in the company, first branded products for swimming pool treatment in Turkiye.

Training & Courses:
* Technical Training for Metal Chemicals, DE-July 1989, 21 days,
* Technical Training for Water Treatment Chemicals, DE-November 1990, 5 days,
* ISO Quality Assurance Seminar, TR-May 1991, 2 days,
* Determination of Performance Criteria, TR-March 1992, 3 days,
* Re-engineering Seminar, TR-January 1993, 2 days,
* Targeted Marketing, TR-November 1995, 2 days,
* Effective Management, TR-November 1995, 3 days
* Technical Training for Care Specialties & Surfactants, DE-April 1996, 15 days
* Self Managing Teams Seminar, TR-October 1996, 1 day
* Psycho Selling, Bruce King Seminars, TR-September 1999, 1 day
* Basis of Management, Arentz Igges & Partner, TR-July & November 2000, 3+2 days
* Business as unusual, Fed Training, TR-November 2000, 2 days
* Branding on the internet, Al Ries, TR-February 2001, 1 day
* Brands, Tom Brackett-Interbrand, TR-October 2004, 1 day

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