Career Highlights


Experienced General Manager - 3 years runned early-stage of institutionalization in the family owned cosmetic company. Doubling sales turnover raised over to $60 million.

Made Ipek brand the market leader of Turkish market in Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and Hand Liquid Soap segments by increasing total annual sales from 20 to 30 million units in 3 years. This has led to first position of quantitative market share over against the multinational competitors, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Colgate Palmolive etc.

Successfully took over the regional business of Care Chemicals in 20 countries of Middle East and Turkic Republics from Henkel-Cognis Germany to Turk Henkel-Cognis Kimya. Raised over 20 from 3 million Euro Annual Sales Turnover in 5 years.

Experienced negotiator and director - dealer and distributor agreements, investment on manufacturing, company merger and acquisition

Awarded Painting Mention from Turkish Telecom during high school period,
the Best Young Manager Award of Turk Henkel AS,
the Highest Performance Award of Care Chemicals Worldwide by President and
the World Innovation Award from BASF for his company Canan Kozmetik Group.

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